How to Access the Internet on a Boat

Staying online seems easy nowadays. Whether you’re at home or in the office, there’s always a wifi connection available. But what if you’re out on a cruise on your favorite boat? Can you still check out Facebook when you’re at sea? Learn more about which options you have below.

Relying on the Marina Wifi Networks

If your area has a dedicated boating community, there’s likely a marina where all the boats can stay near land. These days, it’s common for marinas to have wifi networks for all the nearby boaters. Thus, distance is an important factor when it comes to how fast and reliable the connection is.

The farther you are from the marina, the weaker the wifi connection will be. At the least, you won’t run out of internet access if you just like staying on your boat and not going further away from shore. If you do intend to move a bit further away, it’s best to consider a wifi extender.

Simply put, an extender or antenna helps boost the overall reach of a wifi connection. What’s important is to get a quality wifi extender. While the average model works to extend the signal range, not all of them are durable or worth their price. Some won’t last under strong winds or rain — so check if the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee or a warranty.

Mobile Data and Satellite Connections

Another way to stay connected while on a boat is to use your mobile data. Of course, you would also need a router to connect your devices. If you sense that the signal quality is getting weaker, just get a cellular booster. This way, you can stay online even if you’re ten kilometers away from shore.

If you’ve got quite a lot of money to spare, why not utilize satellite internet? The budget version already costs more than a thousand dollars. Still, the priciest ones reaching $50,000 will provide unparalleled Internet access wherever your boat is located out in the open ocean.

But no matter which method you prefer, you must keep your online activities secured. Knowing how to setup VPN on CenturyLink modem and other devices will help you protect your data. After all, having the capacity to browse online wherever you are isn’t that useful if your privacy is compromised.

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