Great Games to Play While on Cruise - Mahon Ebay Classic Boat Festival

If you are preparing to go on a cruise, you can look forward to playing interesting games or take part in the on-ship entertainment that most cruise operators usually provide.

Scavenger Hunts

This is a popular game that is usually organized by the cruise management since it is a great way to get people to mingle and get to know each other. The ones designed for families usually comprise of items that are listed and given out to teams to scavenge and bring back. The team that completes all items on the list successfully is declared the winner. It usually has people hustling from one deck to another. There are adult versions also which can require participants to do actions like taking off their pants or men having to wear lipstick.

Marriage Games

These are usually for couples; aim to find out how well husbands know their counterparts or vice versa. Game organizers usually choose couples, usually, honeymooners combined with a couple who have been married for long and in between. It is a hilarious game to see which couple lasts the longest on the stage.

Contests on the Pool Deck

Those who are sailing in warm weather will enjoy games by the pool. One popular game is to find that can make big splashes or who has the hairiest chest and so forth. These are silly games and draw in crowds along with loud cheers.

Hasbro Sponsored Game Show

This is another popular event that is usually found on several cruise lines. There are larger than life versions of childhood games that have adults as well as children competing. The games could be Yahtzee that includes bowling or Connect Four that requires one to get four in a single row. Winners are given board games of Hasbro.


Trivia is presented in different ways on the cruise ships. These could be topics under “Who said it?” or naming a song or a television show based on clues given. It could also be theme-based such as on Harry Potter which divides passengers into different houses and the teams compete for winning the tournament cup.

Sports Competitions

Most cruise liners have sports activities and competitions lined up for athletic travelers. Many ships have basketball courts, mini-courses for golf and other kinds of tournaments that have passengers signing up, preparing and putting in their best at the final events.

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