Results are shown with corrected times

Mount Gay Rum, Trophy for first boat to finish
Bluenose Pride, Trophy for first boat on corrected time
Mighty Mo (Sl), skipper, Richard Thompson
1st place at 01:54:48

Topsail, Trophy for first gaff-rigged boat
Calanova (ScG), skipper, Doug Himmelman
2nd place at 02:05:18

Virginia (Sl), skipper, John Wurts
3rd place at 02:08:36

Silooet (Sl), skipper, Doug Riley
4th place at 02:25:42

Rencontre (ScG), skipper, Claude Ball
5th place at 02:26:23

Christy Ann (Sl), skipper, Jason Pittmer
6th place at 02:29:18

Arronta (Sl), skipper, Bryan Palfreyman
7th place at 02:33:12

Concertina (ScG), skipper, Ed Porter
8th place at 02:45:12

Mojavon (Ber), skipper, Jim Lindsey
9th place at 02:45:18

Atlantica (Sc), skipper, Tye Burt
10th place at 03:04:06

Feng Shui (ScG), skipper, Kelly Wilson
11th place at 03:14:24

Christina Lynn (ScG), skipper, Bruce Halliday
12th place at 03:52:48

Sl = sloop; Sc = schooner; G = gaff