Results are shown with corrected times

Bluenose Pride, Trophy for first boat on corrected time
Silooet (Sl), skipper, Doug Riley
1st place at 01:25.66

Mount Gay Rum, Trophy for first boat to finish
Mighty Mo (Sl), skipper, Richard Thompson
2nd place at 01:29.7

Melanie (Sl), skipper, D. Waterbury
3rd place at 01:32.73

Topsail Trophy, First gaff-rigged boat winner
Calanova (ScG), skipper, B. Braaksma
4th place at 01:36.87

Arronta (Sl), skipper, Bryan Palfreyman
5th place at 01:45.47

Swallowtail (K), skipper, S.& W. Eddy
6th place at 01:46.39

Virginia (Sl), skipper, John Wurts
7th place at 01:46.99

Ceilidh (Sl), skipper, R. Stevensr
8th place at 01:47.98

Feng Shui (Sc), skipper, Kelly Wilson
9th place at 01:54.85

Argonaut (Sc), skipper, N. Pryde
10th place at 01:55.25

Atlantica (Sc), skipper, Tye Burt
11th place at 01:61.48

Mary & David (Sc), skipper, __
12th place at 01:72.72

Sl = sloop; Sc = schooner; G = gaff; K = ketch