Results are shown with corrected times
Awards were compliments of The Propeller Brewing Company

The Propeller Cup, First yacht overall on corrected time
The Propeller Trophy, First gaff-rigged yacht on corrected time
Calanova (ScG), skipper, Bonnie Braaksma
1st place at 01:10.97

Loki (yawl), skipper, M. Leger
2nd place at 01:13.49

Elsie (ScG), skipper, Alfred Lohnes
3rd place at 01:16.89

Natica (Sl), skipper, D. Power
4th place at 01:17.07

Vitamin Z (Sl), skipper, M. Ernst
5th place at 01:45.47

West Wind (Sl), skipper, M. Kelley
6th place at 01:19.45

Concertina (ScG), skipper, Ed Porter
T - 7th place at 01:19.50

Silooet (Sl), skipper, D. Riley
T - 8th place at 01:19.50

Arronta (Sl), skipper, Bryan Palfreyman
9th place at 01:25.33

Mighty Mo (Sl), skipper, R. Thompson
10th place at 01:27.45

Schoodic (SlG), skipper, D. & L. Schandall
11th place at 01:29.24

Elida (Sl), skipper, J. Nadelson
12th place at 01:72.72

Ceilidh (Sl), skipper, R, Stevens
T - 13th place at 01:31.47

Feng Shui (ScG), skipper, K. Wilson
T - 13th place at 01:31.47

Forget About It (SlG), skipper, M. Gray
15th place at 01:35.65

Esperanza (Sl), skipper, D. Vernest
16th place at 01:37.60

Sl = sloop; Sc = schooner; G = gaff; K = ketch